10 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Heneral Luna”

Heneral Luna: The First Filipino Avenger

  1. It is an Indie-Star-Studded film

You’ll be amazed about how an indie production company came up with such a star studded cast. Usually indie films don’t invest much on casting, but that norm was surely broken by this awesome movie. Stars such as John Arcilla (Antonio Luna), Mon Confiado (Emilio Aguinaldo), Epi Quizon (Apolinario Mabini), Paolo Avelino (Gregorio Del Pilar) and Leo Martinez (Pedro Paterno) were on board just to name a few. There was almost no unfamiliar face in this movie. That’s why you can expect high quality acting and delivery. John Arcilla’s caliber in portraying did not disappoint us in depicting the bad ass Heneral Luna.

  1. It will give you a refresher in Philippine History

We are so familiar about other country’s history but are we the master of our own? I am guilty of this. I honestly did not know that Aguinaldo was the one accused of Luna’s murder. That’s the icing-on-the-cake of this movie. It is so entertaining to watch as to it is being educational at the same time. Parang buy-1-take-1 promo lang.

  1. Heneral Luna is a Bad Ass!

Man oh man, the General is in the building! It’s amazing how cool Luna is. He is respectable, honest, a man with integrity, not corrupt, courageous and a tough man to beat! He is like the first Filipino avenger!

  1. They need budget for the rumored trilogy sequel.

Since this is (evidently) a high-budget film, they need Heneral Luna to profit a lot to start on the next sequel. SPOILER ALERT: (Do NOT read this part if you haven’t watch the movie yet) In the cameo at the end of the credits, you’ll see Gregorio Del Pilar gathering troops loyal to Luna. We have a hunch that they will avenge Luna. EXCITING, right!? That said, Luna is really the first Filipino avenger!

CNN Philippines Interview with Director (11:52-12:08 Part)

  1. Quality props and gore

Again, for an indie film, I could definitely say that this movie can top any existing Pinoy movies as of date when it comes to production, props and effects. The uniforms and weapons of the soldiers are top-notched! You will really feel that you are in that era. Kudos to the props and effects team! (There was one scene in which the soldier got his head blown off. Thumbs up for the effects, it was realistic!)

  1. It will make you realize…

…that corruption in the government were already abundant even in our early years as a nation. This is the most saddening realization I ever felt just by watching a movie. “May mas malaki tayong kalaban sa mga Amerikano-ang ating sarili” – Luna

  1. It is our official entry for Oscars 2016

Heneral Luna is the country’s official entry to the Best Foreign Language Film category of the 2016 Oscars. Could you believe that? Just imagine a Pinoy film (partida, indie pa) winning as Oscar award.

Rappler’s article regarding Oscars 2016 Entry

  1. There is hope for Pinoy movie industry

I have almost given up hope for Pinoy movies. I’m not being a jerk here. It’s just that, I could not find sense in Pinoy movies anymore. You can’t blame me for not liking movies such as Enteng Kabisote, Praybeyt Benjamin or this upcoming film about mistresses. I just have no words for these kinds of movies. I respect your opinion if you like to watch these films, so, respect mine if I don’t. Heneral Luna is a game changer. This gives you hope that a Pinoy movie can be as bad ass as any modern Hollywood films. They really set the bars high on this one. I am really looking forward for the next one.

  1. It will make you realize that the Philippine Army has (or should I say, had?) potential

Heneral Luna may be the best general our country ever had (Ironically, the people he swore to protect were also the very people who savagely murdered him. F*cking corrupt and brainless people). There was a scene in the movie in which Luna admitted the fact they were outnumbered and that the Americans have better technology. But, he said that in order to beat the odds, they have to have better tactics. What could have been the outcome of the Filipino-American Civil War if only Luna was still alive? Military Power is nothing without tactics and leadership.

  1. Just because it will not disappoint

It will not disappoint. Your ticket for the cinemas will be worth every centavo. Even IMDb.com rated this movie with a 9/10 score. If you want quality props, this movie has it. If you want gory action, this film surely has it. If you want comedy, jackpot, this film will make you laugh and giggle from time to time. If you want drama, no need to look elsewhere. In short, this film is really one of the greatest Pinoy movies I have ever seen.

IMDb’s Rating

If you haven’t watched Heneral Luna yet, go grab your keys, take your wallet and go straight to the cinemas nearest you! I assure you, it will be worth it and you will be left asking for more.

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