20 Things About De La Salle Canlubang

In 2003, there was a humble building placed in the middle of a 55-hectare land. That is the Leandro V. Locsin Building and this is my Alma Mater. De La Salle Canlubang is now under De La Salle University – Manila. The university is now called De La Salle University – Science and Technology Complex.

Before DLSU-STC, there was DLSC. We had our own identity. We had our own DLSC ‘thing’ going on. We were a small community called the Canlubangers.

Students of DLSU-STC today may not know the life of Canlubangers. To show everyone a bit of a summary of our Canlubanger life, please read on below.

  1. Trees and in-campus River (and lots of mountains and everything jungle-related)

DLSC’s major distinction from other universities is its province-city hybrid feel. It is 10 minutes away from civilization and it is a full time forest sanctuary. It is certainly the best place to breathe. It has its pros and cons but I would prefer clean air any time of the day.

  1. Massive Land Area

Boasting a 55 hectare land area, this is one of the largest universities in the Philippines in the making.

  1. Smoking Area

SA has been controversial ever since it was established. There are some factions saying that smoking should not be patronized inside campus vicinity. The thoughts are divided about this issue but we can’t deny the fact that most of the relationship-strengthening activities are conducted here. A yosi break is one of the best venues for small talks and small talks lead to a higher form of bonding. Dami ko pang sinasabi eh to cut it short, tambayan ito at lugar ng kwentuhan. Tapos.

  1. Student’s Center

SC is like our third home. You can find us here when we are vacant. There’s not much in SC, even the computers are close to useless. The free internet is blazing fast (Fast to make you hot headed) and the chairs are decent. But, you just got to love that place. It sheltered us from boredom and it helped us kill time with our friends.  I guess this would be one of the most memorable places for most of the Canlubangers.

  1. Sir Percy and Ms. Maleth

Everyone in DLSC knows Sir Percy, that’s for sure, especially the ladies who love wearing skirts way above the knee. He is the head prefect of DLSC. I think everyone is afraid of him but he is a gentle giant. He is one of the kindest people I know in DLSC. Make sure to bring popcorn when you talk to him because Sir Percy has a lot of stories and I mean a lot. So entertaining.

Ms. Maleth’s office is in the Student’s Center. She is one of the most approachable people in DLSC. As long as she can help, she will. SC is her land and she is the boss in her territory.  She is really a fun person to be with.

  1. Spine Road

This one kilometer stretch is what isolates DLSC from the world outside. Some people dare to walk this lonely road but only a few have the courage to do it again. This road has witnessed numerous racing of hormonal teenagers, driving lessons and a lot of speeding violations. In the night, Spine Road is pitch-black and dark af. Can you walk alone?

  1. Kakilala Mo Lahat Culture

In a university with approximately a population of just 500, it is not impossible to get to know everyone, at least by face. Everyone would know if there is a new student. Everyone knows everyone in DLSC.

  1. Fashion Show, Talent Quest, Band Fest, Sports Fest, Car Show and etc.

These are the major school events during our time in Canlubang. Every year we prepare and look forward to these events. Despite our low school population, I could still say that these activities are well attended and are successful. These were the highlights of my stay in DLSC. Good old times.

  1. LUCID Dance Troup

This is probably one of the most, if not, the most active organization in DLSC. Composed of highly energetic and talented individuals, they have a lot of heart and passion for what they do. In every event, it is impossible not to see these guys perform their hearts out.

  1. Rocky Road Parking

It is actually called “Rocky Road Parking”, figuratively and literally. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have this parking cemented, right DLSC? In the rainy seasons, this parking is your worst nightmare. Make sure your attire is mud and water proof.

  1. “You have an army? We have Michael Malabanan

Need I say more?

Just a trivia, Michael’s LSS(Last Song Syndrome) for the song “Candy Shop” by 50-Cent lasted for two years, witnesses say.

  1. State of the Art Auditorium

Boy oh boy. The level of sarcasm in this statement is really high. Our auditorium is just a big room with a piano and lots of chairs and oh, I almost forgot, a stage. State of the art my friends.

  1. Tambayan ang rooms na walang klase + Aircon

It could really get hot and crowded in the Student’s Center and being resourceful Lasallians, we take refuge to vacant rooms and turn it to our humble abode while waiting for our next class. Plus aircon.

  1. Multi-Purpose Covered Court

They’re taking the name multi-purpose to a whole new level. If I am not mistaken, 90% of the school events are conducted in this venue. Please correct me if I am wrong. Okay, I’m not seeing any hands, I will assume that you all agree.

  1. The Reliable DLSC Shuttle

This is the Walking Dead DLSC version. Every time the shuttle arrives, you can expect a hoard of zombies so eager to get home. It is literally a kill zone. Survival of the fittest, as they say. Well for me, I’ll just wait for the next van. Konting hintay lang naman eh, mga isang oras lang.

Or you could always take the tricycle, with a special rate of course. Kuripot ako eh, so hintay nalang ako ng shuttle.

Or you could carpool with a friend going out. Best case scenario.

  1. Snail Elevator

When you’re 5 minutes late for a class, blame the elevator. “Sir, traffic po sa elevator eh.

  1. Entrep Hub

This venue housed numerous business tycoon aspirants. Entrep students conduct their business debuts here. To name a few successful launches are Mr. Sorbetero, Ineh Grill and Sip and Dip.

Sip and Dip will open their first official kiosk in Greenfield Integrated School (San Lorenzo Village). Estimated soft opening is early 2016.

Sip and Dip is a third generation fish and fries enterprise owned by Garwyn Galza and Jaspher Santos. Their supply of merchandise cannot be bought anywhere else because it is expertly and exclusively prepared by their chef (who is a full time caterer of Letran schools). Their sauce is extremely addicting (it is a “Sauce-all-you-can” thing by the way). All of these marketing I have made, plus a drink, infused in their all-in-one cup, you are surely in for a treat. So watch out for their re-opening. (Yung libre ko ah? Hihi)

  1. Mind-Boggling Puzzle-like Address

De La Salle University – Canlubang, Binan, Laguna. So where is it located? Canlubang, Binan or Sta. Rosa? In reality, it is near the border line of Binan and Sta. Rosa. Up to this date, it’s still a confusion why it was named Canlubang. Can someone enlighten me please? Thanks.

  1. La Casita to Roberto’s to Zaide

Being isolated from civilization, we have no other to choice but to eat in the cafeteria. It’s either you bring your own food or you go out and have your expenses doubled. We have witnessed all the transitions from La Casita to Roberto’s to Zaide. Kung kalian paalis na kami, doon pa naging Zaide.

  1. The million dollar question: “De La Salle Canlubang? Saan/Ano yun?”

And finally, I’m pretty sure all of my fellow Canlubangers out there have encountered this question at least once in their whole stay in our beloved university.

I love my college life and my Alma Mater despite everything I have stated here. This is just to show you that it is not necessarily the school that makes it fun, it is the people in it and the culture you have.


What was your most memorable Canlubanger experience?



21 thoughts on “20 Things About De La Salle Canlubang

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong.. Yung technopark area is Sta.Rosa, don bosco area (bridge) Biñan na, after that i think is carmona. The school itself i believe canlubang land na. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just to enlighten you on the address issue,

    DLSU-STC is Binan. It is located in two barangays. Barangays Binan and Malamig.

    It is sometimes mistaken to be part of Santa Rosa since it is more accessible via the Santa Rosa SLEX Exit and through LTI side which is still part of the said city.

    Majority of Laguna Technopark is also Binan City. Just that, Santa Rosa City became its gateway.

    The campus was previously referrred to as Canlubang since the major donor of the vast piece of land are the YULOs. The Yulo Family were the owners of the Canlubang Sugar Estate. Architect Leandro V. Locsin’s wife is a Yulo.


  3. Nice article Ramjo nakakamiss tuloy ang college days 🙂 just wanted to share why it was called canlubang haha
    The former owner of the land named the place Canlubang Estates 🙂 I think upon donating the place they agreed with DLSP to name the university after it.


  4. Interesting. So that’s where Zaide went after leaving the Taft campus. La Casita is also the name of the canteen in the Razon Sports Complex in Taft. Too bad they had to change the name of the campus, but that’s typical of DLSU. It was bound to happen anyway, despite a delay of more than a decade; Engineering and Sciences were supposed to transfer first. Now that Nuvali community is growing, the time is right for DLSU to slowly but surely transfer the entire campus to the south (leaving research, law, and higher studies in Taft and BGC). Anyways, thanks for the great post. We’ve always wanted to visit the Canlubang campus. Animo La Salle!


  5. It is inaccurate as FUCK! The very definition of what an auditorium is a large room with chairs, a stage, and a lights and sound booth (A large room to accommodate an audience in a building such as a school or theater.). What else were you looking for in an auditorium? Do you want a giant cage where we can host death-matches in there as well? Speaking of the smoking area. You were never there. I know, I was there a lot, I went to the hospital being there a lot. If the address was confusing for you, then you are stupid as fuck! The only people who will be confused by that are 5 year olds who has no idea of what an address is.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You were never there at the smoking area! Hypocritical spec!

    Auditorium is meant to be a big room with a stage, chairs, and lights and sound booth. Define state of the art? Were you looking for a hydraulic cage underneath the stage where we can host death-matches?! What we had was the very definition of an auditorium.

    By the way, calling the students who ride the shuttle a horde of zombies and calling it a kill zone suggests that they were all barbaric in nature. If I remembered correctly people were lining up and waiting for the shuttle in patience. There was this thing called a queueing system that the students abided by.

    You sir, are a LIAR!

    Mr. Robot

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No hate sir, just a simple propagation of the truth! There are vilifying characters to your article towards some of the things about OUR alma mater! Sure there were some things that the school felt short on, but to sarcastically berate them would be an injustice!

        The institution was still in it’s infancy when you experienced this and to expect more would just be FOOLISH!

        Based on your article and the way you look, I would characterise you a LIAR! The last part was said in jest! HA HA *sarcastic laugh*.

        Anyways, good luck to any endeavour you undertake and may you always please tell the truth!

        Mr. Robot

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  7. Trees and in-campus River – DLSC’s major distinction from other universities is its province-city hybrid feel. – Hindi ba ganto sa Dasma at Araneta?

    Massive Land Area – Boasting a 55 hectare land area – 52 dati, ngayon 50 nalang… Never siyang 55!!!

    Smoking Area – tambayan ito at lugar ng kwentuhan. Tapos. – Huh, di ba yosihan?

    Sir Percy – Make sure to bring popcorn when you talk to him because Sir Percy has a lot of stories and I mean a lot. So entertaining. – So di ka pumapasok, lagi kang huli, student offender ka?

    and Ms. Maleth – lagi kang nasa student center, tapos sasabihin useless ang net dun?
    Kaya ganyan ka, eh…

    Wala ka bang highlight na prof, like si Sir Pat o si Ms. Sczherezade o Ms. Alona or si Ms. Yesa?

    Nag aral ka ba, talaga? Nawawalan na talaga ako ng pagasa sa kinabukasasan ng bansa natin dahil sa’yo!

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