The (worst?) year in review: 2016

I don’t want to bash on 2016, but, it does, quite a bit, suck, doesn’t it? Who’s  with me?

However, we should thank the Big Guy above for the fact that twenty sixteen is about to be a thing of the past in just a matter of hours.

Before blasting loud music and lighting up fireworks to welcome the most awaited 2017, let us look back and review this one of a kind topsy-turvy year.

Harambe’s Unjustifiable Death

This somehow sums up the significant degradation of humanity throughout the years. I mean, why should we kill an innocent animal for a mistake a human has made? They could have just sedated the poor animal for crying out loud. I just can’t understand humanity sometimes.

Trump Triumphed

Well I am not in the position to say if this is a good or a bad thing but judging from people’s harsh reactions, I guess it’s safe to say that it is an unwelcome reality. There is quite a similarity when Pres. Duterte won but, who knows right? Let’s all hope for the best.

Brexit Happened

I am not an expert in this subject but the fact that Toblerone got affected, I am affected.

Syria Bombing (and others)

It seems that violence around the globe is on an all-time-high. It is sickening that people (even innocent children) are suffering and dying just because of manipulative and greedy politicians.

Iconic Deaths

Being a Star Wars fan myself, Princess Leia’s death was a bit too much to bear, not to mention, losing a great professor such as Snape as well. May you all rest in peace.

Marcos Buried as a Hero

Let the discussion begin. *Grabs popcorn

Extra-Judicial Feelings, I mean, Killings


Negativity on Social Media

It’s  2016 and to get information is already as easy and involuntary as breathing. Social media plays a big role here. A viral news thread is a few thousand Likes away from reaching every household in the world. And, why do I have this feeling that in every news, people will always have a negative comment to say? Earlier I watched this video of a customer giving a $300 tip to a waiter and I was surprised to see that most of the comments are negative. What’s up with that?

Alright alright, enough with the negativity. If there’s bad, there must be good as well. Let us see the better things that have happened this year.

Pia Crowned as “Ms. Universe”

The most controversial coronation ever? Maybe. Nonetheless, we still won and I think that’s great for our nation.

Leo Wins an Oscar

One of the most talented actors in the world finally won his well deserved Oscar!

Pandas are No Longer Extinct! 

A slow clap for humanity indeed!

Clean and Renewable Energy

Having the great minds and visions of influential people like Elon Musk gives us hope for more reliable and clean energy.

LGBT Movement

One love for everyone! #Respect

911 Hotline

It’s pretty cool that we now have our own 911 emergency hotline, right?

State Universities Free Tuition

State Universities to offer free education again, HALLELUJAH!

Let’s get down to business here, 2016 was indeed a roller coaster ride. A disastrous and memorable year all in one. As for myself, I consider this year to be the most life changing as of date. But hey, don’t get me wrong, I still look at it with a positive mindset. 2016 being at it’s lowest, 2017 has nothing to lose. 2017 should be a walk in the park, right? 2017 will be the year of redemption! Let’s claim it!

I’m pretty sure each and everyone of you had your own fair share of mishaps from 2016, share them below and let’s forget and learn from them at the same time! Share your good memories too so that we could cherish them entering the glorified 2017 lurking around the corner waiting for our clocks to strike 12 tonight.

Happy New Year to everyone!


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