The ‘Typical Southern Kid’ Symptoms

I’ve spent most of my life in the South. I’ve only worked in the Metro for about a couple of years. After being away for a short while (even though it felt like a lifetime to me), I eventually went back to work in my hometown. I just can’t help it, I always miss Laguna whenever I’m away. During these years I’ve realized several distinct differences of Southern peeps from the urban majority. This goes from traits/qualities to way of life and everything else in between.

  1. Inom sa bahay bahay‘ Mentality
    • Unlike in the Metro in which people usually drink at bars and clubs, Southerners tend to drink sa bahay-bahay lang ng tropa. Don’t get me wrong it’s fun to drink at fancy places and bars but drinking at your friend’s house sounds more economical and practical. And, aside from that, we don’t have much choice at all since bars are not abundant here, or at least, not the ones we like. We also prefer beer over hard drinks. We, meaning me and my friends. I cannot speak for everyone. Pero, usually beers nakikita ko sa tables.
  2. Going to Tagaytay is not considered a ‘Road Trip’ get away
    • Tagaytay is like 30 minutes away from Laguna. It would not qualify in our road trip bucket list since it’s too near. But, it’s the best place to go when we crave for COCOL sessions.
  3. “I live in Sta. Rosa!” – “Ah! Enchanted Kingdom?”
    • Whenever people ask and they find out that you live in Sta. Rosa, you can expect this response. There’s a high probability that they will incorporate your hometown with Enchanted Kingdom. Sawa ka na ba sa EK?
  4. “I live in Sta. Rosa!” – “Ah! As in South south?”
    • A slightly different response from the first one. For them, a single ‘South’ would not suffice if you live in Sta. Rosa, for them, a single ‘South’ won’t do justice. That’s why they’ll double it just to be sure.
  5. “I live in Sta. Rosa!” – “Wow! Ang layo!”
    • The most common response of all. You’ll actually see the pity in their faces as they utter the words “Ang layo!”. Thanks to SLEX, it doesn’t feel as far, but wait until you read symptom number 7.
  6. Tiga-saan‘ vs ‘Taga-saan
    • I’ve always used the word ‘tiga-saan’ whenever I’m asking someone where they’re from. However, my Metro area friends don’t seem to agree whenever I use this term. But, I’m almost certain that I hear this from the Southern peeps. Ano nga bang tama? 
  7. Anywhere farther than Alabang is ‘far’ and considered as Northern part of the Philippines
    • The toll fees and traffic is just unbearable.
  8. 5:30AM and 5:35AM are worlds apart when commuting to Manila
    • Traffic begins in Magallanes around 6am and a 5-minute difference in your departure time from Laguna means a lot. This could be the deciding factor whether you’ll be spending your entire morning in EDSA or to being the first one to arrive at your office before everyone else. Weird, right?
  9. COCOL is the pre-game
    • Most urban peeps drink beer as pre-game to their tequila parties. Southern kids usually drink coffee before drinking beer. I don’t know if this is just us, but it has become a habit.
  10. ‘Special’ sa tricycle, mas mahal pa sa Taxi ride
    • It still remains a mistery, but taking the tricycle here in Sta. Rosa seems to be most expensive medium of transportation. I remember when I was still in college, the special rate of tricycles from Bel Air to DLSU-Canlubang was 100 Pesos. 100 Pesos for a tricycle ride!? Bus papuntang Cubao, 70 Pesos lang eh! Yung 100 Pesos mo sa Uber nakalayo kana sa kahabaan ng EDSA eh! Tricycle fare here is ridiculously expensive!
  11. Uber/Grab is close to being useless
    • At some points you would get lucky and will be able to book a ride from Sta. Rosa to Manila but in most cases, their services are close to being useless here in the South.
  12. You may drive your car any day of the week
    • The ‘coding scheme‘ is an alien term for the Southern kids. Kahit ano pang ending number ng plate number ko, magagamit ko pa rin koche ko dito sa Laguna!
  13. Hybrid Probinsyanos
    • Sta. Rosa is already a city but it still has this probinsya vibes. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing, but I enjoy it. I guess what I’m trying to say is you could take Southern kids to the Metro and they’ll blend in just fine but at the back of their heads, they’ll always miss home and their hearts will always beat for the Southern lifestyle.

Do you know anyone who feels the same way? Or anyone else who has the Southern Kid symptoms? Please do let us know in the comments below! Kudos!


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